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  • Spark Yinchun Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • Spark Yinchun Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Weaving Machines Manufacturer since 1980

Spark Yinchun Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most prominent names in China for state-of-the-art air jet looms and water jet looms, offered with professional support services, machine installation and debugging, and a 24/7 service availability. With more than 40 years of experience, we are certified to national quality standards, and offer both YC series air jet looms and JW series water jet looms to meet diverse customer requirements. For machines that feature an excellent stability, reliability, and cost performance, look no further than us here at Spark! We sincerely look forward to working with you!

Weaving Machinery
    1. YC920 Air jet loom
    2. YC920 Air jet loomThe YC920 high speed energy saving air jet loom features a maximum rotation speed of 1000RPM, delivering an excellent performance in reducing vibration and air consumption ...
    1. YC9000 Air jet loom
    2. YC9000 Air jet loomThe YC9000 air jet loom is an efficient weaving machine, capable of achieving a high-speed selvedge folding in combination with weaving functions.
    1. YC600 Air jet loom
    2. YC600 Air jet loomThe YC600 air jet loom is the perfect choice for producing uncomplicated household, apparel and industrial fabrics with a higher output and lower labor cost than a rapier loom or water jet loom.
    1. JW8200 Water jet loom
    2. JW8200 Water jet loomThe JW8200 high-speed water jet loom features a higher production efficiency than the JW400 and JW822 water jet looms, with a shift weft density and weaving speed.
    1. JW408 Water jet loom
    2. JW408 Water jet loomSpark’s JW408 water jet loom features an innovated machine structure and moving parts, as well as highly integrated mechanical components and an electronic control system.
    1. JW822 Water jet loom
    2. JW822 Water jet loomThe JW822 water jet loom is popular with our international customers as its beating mechanism has been improved to reduce working vibration and noise ...